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Sky Metalwala, 2, missing. Washington state
also I didn't think i needed to state the obvious that lake washington is so close to that interchange of 405 and 520. the 520 bridge (floating bridge) goes from the 405 freeway to the i-5 freeway as a shortcut. Sometimes 520 gets shut down this time of year due to weather but definitely wasn't yesterday, the winds weren't high enough. All of the comments on the news story read the same thing that why would you take one child and not the other it just doesn't make any sense. NOT defending her at all, there is a huge presence of indian culture here and my first jump was that indian women do wierd stuff. Being an ex apartment manager i had to show women how to build fire's in the fireplace for their husbands. (i know it sounds so wierd) and they would get mad when their clothes didn't come out permenantly pressed from the dryer because it said permanent press... this isn't the jetsons, i would say and yes this was an arrange marriage that was being dealt with and they were brought here. But these were some thoughts running through my head when i saw he was half indian and half white i wondered if his mother was indian and maybe just didn't process things like normal obviously...idk smh!
These stories sicken me. But they also make me have so many questions.

Did this woman not have a cell phone? Could she not call for help?
If someone stopped and saw the baby alone, wouldn't they have called the police? I'm pretty sure if I came up on a random car with a 2 year old, I'd call the police, not take the baby (if anyone thinks that's what happened).
If someone did stop and "take" the baby, wouldn't they have taken the car seat too?

All of this leads me to agree that the baby wasn't in the car to begin with. And the lack of gas can is weird too. I sense a liar!
I agree.
YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID!Thumb_smiley-vault-signs-060
this is the mother. Julia Biryukova

you can click around to see photos of her and Sky.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRIF84eRiMgfun48TRVHWp...dedtaeC3_O]

I just had a sick thought: is it possible that this. is a huge cover story for the real purpose of the gas? If she 'ran out of gas' it would make sense that the gas container wasn't there... Especially if she didn't need to go get gas, but used the gas as an accelerant for some kind of fire. There's a lot about this that just doesn't sit well or add up :/
Seattle Times

The search for a 2-year-old boy who went missing Sunday morning after his mother left him in a parked car in Bellevue has shifted to the area near the child's home, police said Monday.

On Sunday night, police searched the mother's vehicle and her home in Redmond. The search resumed Monday morning in the area surrounding her home, according to Bellevue police.

Mercury News

BELLEVUE, Wash.—Police in Washington state spent a second day Monday searching for a toddler whose mother said he vanished from an unlocked car that ran out of gas, as court documents revealed that the boy's parents had previously been cited for leaving a child unattended in a vehicle and his mother obtained a restraining order against his father last year.

The mother, Julia Biryukova, told investigators she left 2-year-old Sky Metalwala alone Sunday as she and her 4-year-old older daughter walked a mile to a gas station, Bellevue police said. When she came back an hour later, the boy was gone, she said.

Investigators searched a 20-block area and even went door to door but found no sign of him.

In December 2009, officers in nearby Redmond cited Biryukova and her husband, Solomon Metalwala, for reckless endangerment for leaving a child unattended in a vehicle. Details were not immediately available; police said they were working to redact an incident report for release under the state's public records act.

The case was dismissed early this year after the pair agreed to a year of probation, 40 hours of community service and a 10-week parenting class, said Ian Goodhew, a spokesman for the King County Prosecutor's Office.

The couple had been together for 14 years, married since 2003 and separated in March 2010, court records show. In June 2010, Biryukova, 30, filed for a protection order on behalf of herself and their two children, saying Solomon had a severe anger problem, was verbally abusive and that he had beat her for the first time the previous Christmas. The reason was that she had allowed Sky—just 4 months old at the time—to sleep later than expected, she said.

"He became furious like I have never seen him before, he grabbed me by my hair (in front of our 3 12 year old daughter), dragged me into our hallway, threw me down on the floor and then threw me against a decorative column we have in the entrance of our home," Biryukova wrote. "He continued to assault me with his feet—by kicking me and then he took out his car keys and contrived to scratch me in any area he could."

The abuse escalated after that, with Solomon telling her to go live on the street and work as a prostitute, she said.

"The most, most recent have been his threats to kill me if I say anything against him or if in any way I proceed with action of seeking custody of our two small children," Biryukova added. "I live in constant fear for my life and my children's life. Please investigate and help me!"

A man who answered the phone at King Street Kafe and Market, a shop Metalwala owns in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood, referred calls to a Leslie Clay Terry III, a lawyer who represented the couple in the reckless endangerment case. Terry did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

Other possible phone numbers for Metalwala could not immediately be verified.

[Image: 195318_100001482144252_8109013_n.jpg]

Seattle Times
The missing child's 4-year-old brother has been taken into protective custody by Child Protective Services, according to agency spokeswoman Sherry Hill. She could not say whether the agency has had any previous involvement with the family.

the usual crap reporting. it's a sister.

Crime scene tape was seen on a door leading to a trash area next to her (mother's) apartment.

[Image: 1107missing_boy_tape.jpg]

Wow, those are a couple of beautiful kids. This is a weird case. From the photos, the kids look happy and well cared-for. Looks like they live in a nice house. I can't tell, is that a Caddy in the driveway? Again, from the photos only, they just seem like a normal family enjoying their kids. What goes on behind closed doors...
(11-07-2011, 06:01 PM)Lady Cop Wrote: Crime scene tape was seen on a door leading to a trash area next to her (mother's) apartment.

[Image: 1107missing_boy_tape.jpg]

Uh oh, I do not like the look or sound of this...

The only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.

mobile command unit set up near her apt.

CPS received six referrals about the family from late 2009 to late 2010, state officials reported in court documents.

mom was once committed for mental health issues.

[Image: 47385redmondRED_1111_redmondsearch.web.jpg]

(11-07-2011, 08:17 PM)Lady Cop Wrote: mom was once committed for mental health issues. [/b]

Oh shit. I guess we can see where this is headed...

neither parent is fit from what i've read. they left the same baby boy in a car 27 degrees F and went in a Target store for an hour when he was 3 months old.

they married when she was 16, he was a Paki about to be deported.

father responded that she had mental health problems and was involuntarily committed to a mental clinic in 2010. But earlier this year a social worker with state Child Protective Services reported that caregivers found her to be in good mental health and an appropriate caregiver for the children.

[Image: 762-1q1Enf.St.55.jpg]

A street sign is shown Monday, Nov. 7, 2011, in Bellevue, Wash., near the stretch where a woman told investigators her 2-year-old son disappeared after she left him alone in her car Sunday

Read more:

police search garbage at her apt.

[Image: 1107missing_boy_search.jpg]

Solomon Metalwala is seen holding his son, Sky Metalwala.


[Image: missingbellevueboyjpg-d8459d3dcd4154bd.jpg]

(11-07-2011, 09:25 PM)RJs-Ex Wrote: Oh shit. I guess we can see where this is headed...
Indeed. That poor baby.
This just makes me soo sad.. This poor little innocent baby did not deserve to be left in a car (if that's even true) it completely makes me sick. I don't know what is wrong with parent's now days, it's like people are really all going crazy. I don't know what the hell is going on between the parent's, all I know is someone needs to find the precious child and NOW. From the looks of it, they were not financially struggling, it looks as though they make decent money and have nice things and their children seem to be happy and healthy, but now days that doesn't seem to mean shit..
the father took a poly which was "inconclusive"

i want to know whether the mother took one, no word on that.

[Image: article-2058476-0EB5506900000578-755_468x298.jpg]

the mandatory mediation in which the couple participated last week was intended to bring a close to the bitter divorce. Both parties had compromised, he said, and an agreement that granted custody to Biryukova but allowed visitation with Metalwala was signed by both.

"On Friday, she called and said she'd felt pressured and wanted to void it," Terry said.

Metalwala said he is praying that his son simply is being hidden somewhere and that he is safe.

He has a message for whoever may have him.

"Please, sir or ma'am, if you have Sky, please bring him to the police, fire department or the hospital. Thank you for taking care of Sky this long, but please return him."

In so many of these missing children cases, I wish reporters would ask who other than the parents last saw the child.

The mother's story makes no sense. Like the father, I'm hoping the mother hid the child away somewhere, but my gut tells me otherwise.
That poor little boy. This case is certainly very strange. I wonder why the dad was about to be deported when they married in 2003.
And this statement is interesting: "One psychologist who evaluated Biryukova wrote in July 2010 that though she was dealing with "a severe form of obsessive compulsive disorder, I do not believe that interferes with her ability to be a compassionate, effective parent to her children."

Read more:

From her FB and Flickr pictures it looks like she was rather obsessed with her daughter. So where/how did her son fit into the picture?