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Husbands voice didn't sound stressed at all to me.

So weird. He'd seem very guilty to me if he weren't dead. lol

So vague during the VM about the wife, son and housekeeper. I'd bet $1M that he typed the text message from wife's phone the next day, too.

Very, very strange.
Latest from NBC

Their sources are likely LE officials controlling the flow of public information IMO. But, since the sources are not identified, take it for what it's worth.

Investigators believe more than one person was likely involved in the shocking murders of a married couple, their 10-year-old son and their housekeeper, whose bodies were found after a fire was set at the family's upscale D.C. home last week, sources say.

It's likely that the killers had knowledge of the family and how they lived their day-to-day lives, sources said. There was no sign of forced entry at the home.

Investigators believe it's likely that the killers gained access to the home Wednesday and kept the victims bound and threatened through Thursday afternoon, when Savvas Savopoulos gave them what they were looking for, sources said.

Full story:

Fox News says: The weapons used in the crime are typical of criminals of Latin descent. The car was torched 2 blocks from where the victim's business was, 20 miles from the crime scene. The torched car location is very near the New Carrollton Metro Station and that is close to the housekeepers residence.

[Image: giphy.gif]

[Image: FIGUEROA_41431981791.20jpeg_zps7yhizri5....1431918073]
^ Veralicia Figueroa had worked as a housekeeper in the U.S. for many years. She'd worked with the Savopoulos family for 4 of them.

She was 57-years-old and had been working in the US to help put her two children (pictured with her above on vacation last year) through college.

In 2008, she married a man in the US; she had known him growing up in El Salvador.

With her son and daughter both now graduated and holding down good jobs, Mrs. Figueroa was planning to retire and return to El Salvador in the near future.

She will be buried in El Salvador, but it could take up to 15 days for her body to be transported.

Her husband, Bernardo Alfaro, said he doesn't have much to say other than he's very sad and doesn't want to do anything. He identified his wife's body after it was pulled from the fire.

Story: through college in her native El Salvador.

Fox news says hah
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Whoa Nelly: The Surviving Housekeeper (Guttierrez)

It was odd to me that she was talking to reporters immediately when the story broke, and sharing information/communications related to the case (which police would normally discourage, in my experience).

Since then, she's spoken to several different outlets. First, talking direct into the camera with her name given. In the latest ones, asking for her face not to be shown and to be referred to only as "Nelly", for her own protection.

In some of the media statements, she refers to Veralicia Figueora as having been her friend and co-worker at the Savolpoulos home. In others, she says that Vera was an employee of her cleaning business who also became a friend. In the latest interview, she claims that Vera texted her on Wednesday saying she wanted to work with the Savopoulos' that day and get off by 3 p.m., which Nelly says she allowed.

Also, in the last interview, she talked about how the Savopoulos house had an extensive security system with cameras and doors that chimed. She says she can't understand how someone could have gotten in (HOTD: duh -- they knew the code, they came in with someone who knew the code, or they were let in).

She also says she texted Vera about 1 p.m. on Thursday to say she'd heard Vera spent the night at the house and asked if she was okay. She says she got no answer and shortly thereafter heard of the fire (which was reported by neighbors 15 minutes after she says she sent that text to Vera).

Then, I go to check out the GoFundMe page referenced in a news article as being set up to help Vera's family with funeral costs, and who's all over it? Yep, "Nelly", identifying herself straight off with her real name again (but spelled differently than media reports), Nelitza Guttierrez. She set up the page.

Something's up with Nelly. She's inserted herself everywhere I turn in this case. She's either involved in the crimes and trying very hard to present herself as a victim to divert suspicion, or she's a major attention-seeker, or she's working with police to try to ferret someone out (the last one being unlikely, but possible). IMO.
Update Video

So, after going to the house on Thursday morning looking for Veralicia (Vera) and getting no answer, Vera's husband got a call from Mr. Savopoulos. That's what the reporter was told by family members of Nelly, Nelitza Guttierrez.

Mr. Savopoulos reportedly told Vera's husband that he'd meant to call him and tell him that Vera was staying over. According to the report, Mr. Savopoulos told the husband that Vera was okay but that she wasn't currently at the house; the house was on fire a couple of hours after that call.

Nelly is again interviewed in this video at the scene.


That housekeeper should have an attorney and he should be telling her to shut the fuck up.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]

FOX 5 obtained audio from the first responders on the scene.

“Rescue … (unintelligible) ... three victims removed second floor … (unintelligible) … I'll need medic units,” a first responder said.

“Also, if you would advise the chief, the room (unintelligible) is a crime scene.”

Police sources tell FOX 5 the fire started in a room on the second floor where 10-year-old Phillip Savopoulos was alone and away from his parents and their housekeeper.

“The child can become almost a bargaining chip, which is a terrible way to think about it,” said Jay Singh, a forensic researcher and president and CEO of the Global Institute of Forensic Research. “But in a situation like this, certainly to be able to get information or resources -- it could be financial or non-financial -- from the adults in the family, then it's something where the child could be used almost as leverage.”

Figueroa's step daughter told FOX 5's Paul Wagner that Figueroa's husband came to the Savopoulos' home on the morning of the fire looking for his wife because she had never made it home. No one answered the door. He left and then received a phone call from Savvas Savopoulos saying his wife, Amy, and Veralicia Figueroa had gone to the hospital.

Full story:

I heard this morning that the little boy was burned beyond recognition :(
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]

As an intruder held a family and their housekeeper captive inside a Northwest Washington home last Thursday, a man dropped off a package containing $40,000, according to law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Question? When Dominos delivered pizza Wednesday night to the house who came to the door and paid for it?

And in a second disturbing detail, the killer or killers may have ordered a Domino’s Pizza, WUSA9 added; the local restaurant confirmed a delivery person went to the house late last week.

[Image: giphy.gif]

(05-20-2015, 05:29 PM)ZEROSPHERES Wrote:

As an intruder held a family and their housekeeper captive inside a Northwest Washington home last Thursday, a man dropped off a package containing $40,000, according to law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation.

Imagine killing 4 people for $40K.

Some sick people in this world that need to be put down like rabid dogs.
Arrest Warrant Issued

The Domino's story appears to be true.

[Image: darondylonwint-murdersuspect-05202015-wjla_606.jpg]
An arrest warrant has been issued for ^ Daron Dylon Wint, 34, for first degree murder while armed.

It's not clear if Wint is the person in the surveillance video taken near the torched Porsche.

Wint's DNA was recovered from a piece of Domino's pizza crust found at the house. The pizza was indeed delivered on the evening of Wednesday, May 13, when police believe the residents were being held captive. The delivery man says he left two pizzas at the front door and there was an envelope with cash left outside (to pay for the pizzas/delivery).

The morning of Thursday, May 14, a personal assistant to Savvas Savopoulos dropped off a package containing $40,000 in cash at the home.

Hours later, the multimillion-dollar house was on fire, and the four occupants were dead.

When firefighters arrived that afternoon, the cash was gone, as was a blue Porsche owned by the family. The vehicle was found later that day, torched in a church parking lot in Prince George’s County.

Documents obtained by The Washington Post show that a personal assistant had been helping Savopoulos, who was rushing to complete a martial arts studio in Chantilly, Va. It was unclear whether the assistant made contact with anyone inside the house when he delivered the $40,000 cash to the house on Thursday morning, shortly before the house was set one fire. (Nelly has told the media that the cash drop was a pre-scheduled business transaction, for what it's worth.)

Police documents show that the personal assistant was at a hardware store near the Chantilly studio in western Fairfax County from 11:30 a.m. to noon May 14 and was still in Virginia when 911 calls came later that afternoon about the fire 30 miles away in the District.

The personal assistant tried to call Savvas Savopoulos about 1:40 p.m. but got no answer, the police documents show. Savvas Savopoulos had called the assistant at 11:54 a.m. — the last incoming or outgoing call he made or answered before the fire.

D.C. police have not disclosed whether they know of a motive for the killings. But a timeline of Savvas Savopoulos’s movements is beginning to emerge from the police documents.

The documents show a flurry of phone calls among Savvas Savopoulos, a bank, an accountant, the personal assistant, a construction company executive and Savopoulos’s American Iron Works company in the hours before the fire. The calls started shortly after 7 a.m. May 14 and ended just before noon. The fire was reported at 1:15 p.m.


That clown Wint can't be the only one involved, IMO. Hoping he's apprehended soon and likes to talk. I expect other arrests.

Unbelievable shit. I actually feel physically disgusted.
[Image: 28EC518E00000578-3090435-image-m-20_1432181503445.jpg]

Daron Dylon Wint, 34, has previous convictions for sexual assault, theft and weapon possession in Prince George's County, Maryland.

[Image: giphy.gif]

I'm crossing my fingers that Wint is arrested today. He's obviously dangerous and brazen with no regard for human life.

He needs to be taken alive. Police are looking for links between Wint and Mr. Savopoulos.

I have a very hard time believing that Wint carried this out alone and suspect there's a lot more to the story, but maybe not. Maybe Wint got in the house, restrained the two women and the child, and overtook Mr. S when he got home sometime after 6 p.m. on Wednesday night.

It's possible, but seems unlikely to me that Wint would be smart enough to be directing texts and conversations with bankers, construction executives, personal assistants...

If Nelly's right and the $40k drop off was scheduled before the home invasion, is that why Savopoulos was targeted? Who besides Nelly knew that a large sum of cash was going to be delivered on Thursday? Was the criminal(s) trying to get the dollar amount upped and that's why Mr. Savapoulos was on the phone with business associates and the banker before the fire? Could Wint be connected to the construction of the martial arts studio?

Or, was the $40k actually ransom and not a previously planned cash drop? It seems really weird to me that a personal assistant would drop that much money outside of the house and then just leave, unless he was told to do it or the family would be killed. But, I don't know if Mr. S had done things like that in the past.

Police aren't providing details in regards to Mr. S's phone communications on Thursday morning. And, unlike Nelly, the assistant, the banker, and the construction manager who were reportedly working with Mr. S aren't talking to the media thus far. I'm very curious as to the content of those calls.
Wint seems to have had opportunities and an example of a work ethic from his father.

Taken from article:
According to his Facebook page, he graduated from Parkdale High School in Riverdale, Maryland in 1996. He then graduated Prince George's Community College in 2002 and is now 'self-employed'.......his father is hard working. They are a good family.

[Image: sawwwe.jpg]

[Image: giphy.gif]

Mr S just seemed so matter of fact in the VM.

I'm guessing that at that point in time he never comprehended that he, his wife, son and maid we're going to die.

I feel like he would've been more desperate or tried something.
It looks like Mr. Savopoulos might have known Wint from work MS, based on the latest.

Savopoulos may have figured Wint wouldn't kill everyone if he just followed Wint's instructions and gave Wint whatever he wanted.

The latest:
While authorities have not commented on a motive in the case, Chief Lanier said the crime was not random and that authorities believe Wint may have some connection to Savvas Savopoulos' business. Savopoulos was the CEO of American Iron Works, a large-scale construction company. Lanier said authorities have received information that Wint once worked at American Iron Works.

Wint was last seen wearing blue jeans, a blue-hooded sweatshirt and white tennis shoes, Lanier said, adding that anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to contact 911 immediately. She said he may be armed.

Lanier said her department has been in contact with the commissioner of the New York City Police Department in an effort to locate Wint.

"Every law enforcement officer across the county is aware of the open warrant and is looking for him," Lanier said.
(05-21-2015, 01:30 PM)HairOfTheDog Wrote: It looks like Mr. Savopoulos might have known Wint from work MS, based on the latest.

Savopoulos may have figured Wint wouldn't kill everyone if he just followed Wint's instructions and gave Wint whatever he wanted.

HotD, Thank God the two college age girls were not at home. It's grotesque enough. In fact, I find it hard to imagine anyone being as cruel as this criminal. In the taped message where Mr.S is asking the housekeeper not to come the next day, I can hear a very upset child's voice in the background. LE thinks he was kept separate, and tortured so his parents could hear his pain and be manipulated as they were tied and helpless in another room.

[Image: giphy.gif]