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Freedom of speech wins
After Scott Walker won his election after a recount progressives in state government went after some people for speaking for Walker. Their lives were turned upside down in a witch hunt and they were told not to speak about the raids on their homes and personal computers. That all unraveled when some spoke out about it and the Wisconsin supreme court sided with the people that were attacked by a progressive liberal backed commission. A fine example of government soviet style attacks.

Three years ago, a group of ambitious and partisan district attorneys convened a special kind of investigation to target and punish conservatives. This week, the Wisconsin Supreme Court held that investigation was unconstitutional and unmoored from both reason and law. The legal theories underlying the Wisconsin high court’s decision are important, but before we consider them, we must recognize the human cost of this litigation and the politics that animated public officials’ attacks on conservatives for engaging in free speech.

Some district attorneys in Wisconsin were disappointed by the failure of a prior John Doe investigation to derail Wisconsin’s union reform law, incensed by the unsuccessful recall election of union-busting Gov. Scott Walker, and cognizant that Walker’s next election campaign was about to start.


Maggots opinion:

There is much vitriol in political circles and the American publics eyes concerning investigations, from Benghazi to electoral funding some like to cuss and complain about politicians and I'm one of them but without these types of corrections the people in power would run rough shod over Americans using the law to quell any objections to their greed and power hungry ambitions.
Using the state and the position of the individuals to further personal ambitions is just wrong and worth the money and time to find the truth. Which is like kryptonite to politicians that would rather not have an issue that might change their outlook on how others should live their lives in a free society.
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It's good for Walker's presidential campaign that the court's split decision regarding the latest misuse of resources investigation went in his favor.

The decision could end years of legal battles Mr. Walker has fought with local prosecutors stemming from his initial campaign for governor in 2010. The Milwaukee County District Attorney conducted a wide-ranging investigation of Mr. Walker and his aides from his time as Milwaukee County executive and whether they improperly used county resources to work on his gubernatorial bid. That investigation resulted in convictions of several former aides.

The latest probe of Mr. Walker focused on whether he and his top advisers violated campaign-finance laws by working closely with a handful of outside groups that helped keep him in office. A top aide was advising both his campaign and a supportive nonprofit group, and prosecutors said the groups’ advocacy on Mr. Walker’s behalf amounted to an unlawful “in-kind” contribution.

The court, in a split decision, ordered the prosecutors investigating Mr. Walker and his advisers to “cease all activities related to the investigation, return all property seized in the investigation from any individual or organization and permanently destroy all copies of information and other materials obtained through the investigation.”

“Today’s ruling confirmed no laws were broken, a ruling that was previously stated by both a state and federal judge,” said AshLee Strong, a spokeswoman for Mr. Walker’s presidential campaign. “It is time to move past this unwarranted investigation that has cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.”
They should get punitive damages also.
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