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NBA 2018/2019
You called his winkie average in that thread I resuscitated.
Ah, I see.
HotD, I’ve been coming around lately when it comes to being a fan of the NBA.

First and foremost, from my perspective, my TWolves traded Jimmy Butler, picking up Robert Covington and Dario Saric from the 76ers.

The drama surrounding my club has disappeared, and young stars (in the making) Karl Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins are beginning to thrive without Butler there to kick them.

My club is 7-2 since the trade happened (11-11 overall), including last night’s 128-89 beat down of the San Antonio Spurs.

Derrick Rose is playing at a very high level for us, and this season looks promising again.

As for the rest of the League, if Steph Curry could sit out every other game, it may seem like everyone else has a chance.

Even if that doesn’t happen, I’m watching and enjoying this season so far.
I'm so glad your Wolves are finding their groove again MS.

Rose is an excellent player and I know you've been invested in the KAT and Wiggins for a couple of years.

Hopefully, the trade will be the catalyst to take your team to the finals soon.

The Spurs are a good team, but the Wolves really dominated them; younger and stronger.

I'm surprised by how much Houston is struggling so far this season.

The Lakers actually have a winning record now with LeBron on board (11-9). That's gotta feel good for L.A.

Steph is magic, no doubt. But, the Raptors are really tearing it up and will be tough for the Warriors to beat, in my opinion.

Kawhi Leonard is a great and versatile player, and he's also got strong support in Kyle Lowry, Serge Ibaka, and Jonas Valanciunas (plus a solid bench, from what I've seen).

This season is definitely less predictable than the last few and fun to watch. I don't get to see too many of the games, but check out the clips when I can and will dive in full when the play-offs kick into gear.