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Man I hope this little cutie is alive and rescued soon.

[Image: kamille-634x721.jpg]

But, I'm worried that it won't turn out that way.  Hopefully that worry is unfounded.

Kamille was at a birthday party in Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday.

Witnesses at the housing project where the party was underway, including her brother, say she was pulled into a dark van by a man and a woman around 8:30p.m.

An Amber Alert was issued.  Family and police have been searching for her ever since.
Persons of Interest

Two people have been arrested during the course of the investigation.  Their SUV matched the witness descriptions.

[Image: suspects-745x499.jpg]

Patrick Devone Stallworth, 39, of Birmingham (pictured left) was charged with multiple counts of child pornography with intent to distribute when photos were found on his cell phone (not photos of Cupcake). He is being held on $500,000 bond. 

And Derrick Irisha Brown, 29, (pictured right) also of Birmingham, is being held with no bond on probation violation related to an unrelated kidnapping.

As of this morning, police have gotten no indication from the POIs regarding location of Kamille.  They both claim they had nothing to do with the girl's disappearance and have not been charged in her case.

Police are said to be waiting on DNA results to help determine whether Kamille was in their vehicle.

Police Chief Patrick Smith said police haven't found any links between the POIs and Kamille's family.  He said it is possible Kamille is being moved around to different locations and noted that the girl is in extreme danger. 

Yesterday, some social media and news sites reported that Kamille had been found and was being medically evaluated.  Chief Smith said those reports were based on false rumors when he addressed the kidnapper directly during a press conference.

"I wanted to reach out to just one individual. If you know where Kamille is... if you have her and you're not sure what to do... I want to give you safe passage," Smith said.  

He urged whoever took the little girl to drop her at a safe location.

Crime Stoppers is offering a $20,000 reward in addition to the governor's $5,000 reward.

All child pornographers need to be stoned.
(10-17-2019, 12:47 PM)MirahM Wrote: All child pornographers need to be stoned.

Yeah, no argument here.

The alleged child pornographer in this case is out on bond now.  If he is actually a child pornographer, I hope he fries after he has his day in court.  

If, instead, police drummed up charges of child pornography based on something like a picture of his own child in the bathtub only because they needed cause to keep him and question him about Kamille's abduction, the pornography charges will (and should) likely be dropped if he's cleared of involvement in the abduction.
There is a critical new clue in the disappearance of a 3-year-old girl from Alabama. 

Kamille McKinney has been missing for nearly a week and police hope a video helps them lead them to her.

Police believe the last image of McKinney is from a video showing her outside an apartment complex with another toddler. According to police, in the video, the two are playing when a man passes by.

But police are focused on a second man who walks by. They said he appears to talk to the children before they follow him away.

"I don't believe that a lot of planning went into it. I think it was maybe something done impromptu," said Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith. "In my heart, I believe that she is in and around the area and we are hoping to bring her home safely."

The chief said police are working with the FBI to help solve the case and authorities have put out a call for anyone in the community to join in a massive search for McKinney this Sunday.
Body found in trash

Not surprising, but very very sad.

The body of Kamille "Cupcake" McKinney, the 3-year-old girl who was abducted in Birmingham on Oct. 12, was found inside of a dumpster at a landfill, Police Chief Patrick Smith said tonight.

Smith said two persons of interest detained early on in the search, Patrick Stallworth and Derick Brown, will be charged with capital (death penalty) murder and kidnapping in connection with Kamille's disappearance and death.  

I haven't seen any more details yet, so don't know if there was a confession or what finally led police to Kamille's remains.  I'll post details about the evidence and motive when they're released.

[Image: kamille-cupcake-mckinney.jpg]

Poor baby.  Rest in peace.

Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith told a news conference that the remains of Kamille McKinney were located in a trash bin that had been taken to a landfill. Police had been watching garbage deposits from a certain part of the city, he said.

Smith said police were obtaining murder warrants against two people previously identified as persons of interest in the case, 39-year-old Patrick Devone Stallworth and his 29-year-old girlfriend, Derick Irisha Brown. Lawyers for both have said they are innocent.

It wasn't clear how long the child might have been dead. Mayor Randall Woodfin said the girl's parents were experiencing "unimaginable" pain.


The latest underlined details make a confession seem unlikely to me.

Really hoping LE has very strong evidence to secure convictions against the pieces of shit who did this to Kamille.

Last week police were reportedly testing Stallworth and Brown's vehicle for Kamille's DNA.  I haven't seen any follow up on that yet.
The autopsy of Kamille McKinney will be performed today and should help to pin down an approximate time of death and the cause of death.

If Kamille's body isn't too decomposed :(, the Medical Examiner may also be able to determine if she was sexually assaulted and more charges can be levied against the suspects.  That could help prosecutors establish a motive, which isn't required but does strengthen the case.

On a related sad note, another little girl was found in a landfill last night.  The 5-year-old South Carolina girl's  mother had been stabbed to death in their apartment two months ago and the girl was missing.  

A 28-year-old male acquaintance of the mother named Daunte Johnson has been arrested for both murders.

^ RIP Sharee Bradley and Navaeh Adams.
I'm glad their bodies have been found but my God these stories are always so awful.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Some immoral people in the world. You amounst them, Trashy Duchess
(10-23-2019, 11:30 AM)Duchess Wrote: I'm glad their bodies have been found but my God these stories are always so awful.

Yeah, as unbelievably tragic as it is to bury a small child,  I think it's better for their loved ones to know that they're not coming back than to worry, wonder and hope year after year.

I hope both Kamille's and Navaeh's families get swift justice and the baby killers are sent away for life (or death).
Suspects Formally Charged

Jefferson County District Attorney Danny Carr announced capital murder charges were filed today against 39-year-old Patrick Devone Stallworth and 29-year-old Derick Irisha Brown.

Birmingham Police Chief Patrick Smith said additional charges would be filed against the suspects if it’s deemed necessary.

Smith also said the investigation into Kamille's death will continue for any additional evidence that may be out there. 

He believes Stallworth and Brown are the two people responsible for McKinney’s death, but he said his department would work to make sure if any additional people are involved that they are also brought to justice.

I've been curious as to how the male suspect, Stallworth, was able to get $50,000 to bond out of jail on the unrelated child porn charges levied against him last week.

Today it was confirmed that six people had jointly raised the funds.  It's not clear exactly who contributed, but sounds like it was mostly family (and they're no longer supporting him).

Stallworth had no previous criminal record, aside from two arrests for marijuana possession.

He was reportedly on suicide watch after he was re-arrested on Tuesday.
It was also confirmed that the female suspect, Brown, was on probation for kidnapping her own three children out of the custody of child protective services (there had been allegations of child abuse in the home).  

Brown was chased by police during that kidnapping attempt and hit another car.  Her children were not injured.  It's not clear to me if anyone in the vehicle she hit was injured.

More about the suspects:
Cause and Time of Death

Today the two suspects were charged in court.

During the proceedings, LE revealed that Kamille was killed by strangulation on October 11th, the same day she was abducted.


[Image: suspects-745x499.jpg]

Scum of the earth.

Patrick Stallworth and Derrick Irisha Brown have both been charged with the capital murder of 3-year-old Kamille McKinney.  

Predictably, they're each pointing the finger at the other.

Stallworth claims that he saw Kamille at their apartment and Brown "wanted to keep the little girl".  He says Brown asked him to sexually assault Kamille, but he did not.  He also claims that he saw Brown put her hand over Kamille's mouth before Kamille died.

Brown claims that she witnessed Stallworth sexually assault Kamille.  

Prosecutors revealed that the full autopsy found that Kamille had been drugged with Meth and Trazodone (for which Stallworth had a prescription).

While the autopsy did not conclude that a sexual assault occurred (of course it did), Prosecutors indicated that decomposition prevented a conclusive finding on that front.

Prosecutors also said evidence from a mattress inside the suspects’ apartment indicated a mixture of blood and DNA from Brown, Stallworth and Kamille McKinney.  

I hope neither of the two suspects gets any kind of deal.  In my opinion, they were clearly equally involved and deserve the harshest punishment.
Lock them up in general population please.