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Armed man tries to interrupt Drag Queen Storytime
I like to think I'm open minded but I'm kind of torn about having a drag queen reading stories to kids in a public library.  No good reason why, I think it's great to expose children (and adults) to new experiences to broaden their knowledge and understanding.  However, letting the children attend is ultimately up to the parents, not these assholes that try to regulate and dictate how other people live their lives.  And to show up armed?  Fuck that guy.
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Being armed (had permit for conceal and carry) was neither here nor there. What he was arguing about is fine. Kids don't need to know about this kind of stuff until they are a bit older.

His trying to get in when refused and screaming and ranting was the only thing he did wrong.
(02-09-2019, 01:35 PM)Rootilda Wrote: letting the children attend is ultimately up to the parents

That's how I view it.

I wonder how that dude would react to someone trying to dictate how he parents.
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Pray to god he never had children.
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That sounds like the same thing that almost happened here except they were going to do it during a regular scheduled class for kids before 1st grade. It created an uproar and it never happened. That is the way to squash these things, not with a gun.
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