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Capitol DC incident today...
News aint givin up much info...what do you guys know ?...
One Capitol officer dead, one badly hurt, suspect dead. He was a 25 year old from Indiana.

One of the reporters read a post he had made on social media. It didn't sound political to me, it was more of someone sounding deeply depressed.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Capitol police officer Billy Evans. SadSadSad. They've been through so much recently.

[Image: 41277108-9431125-image-a-45_1617394796749.jpg]
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
[Image: 41273494-9431125-image-a-23_1617387483785.jpg]

[Image: 41273490-9431125-image-a-22_1617387475640.jpg]

[Image: 41273174-9431125-The_suspect_who_NBC_is_...322349.jpg]
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
Statement from the US Capitol Police--

[Image: Ex_gUrGWQAYUSie?format=png&name=medium]
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
I think it was a black guy that was attached to the nation of Islam and Farrakhan. It won't get much media if that's the case. Although it did happen next to the Senate and house they seem to feel threatened when it's close to them but not so much if they are not so close.

That's why I think all the illegal immigrants should get sent to Washington DC. Lots of strip places there.
Remember we're all in the same storm, just not in the same ship.
Thanks Duchess and Maggot,....