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ARREST MADE: Abigail Hernandez, 15, Missing/Returned Safe - New Hampshire
...scarily, I'm beginning to like the father of the b/f...
#42 Watching now, but seems they got a ton of details wrong e.g. calling her a cheerleader and not a trackstar. Has to be one of the stupidest broadcasts... not sure she got one thing straight!

FOX 25's Bob Ward talked to the ranking FBI agent working the Hernandez case, Kieran Ramsey. Ramsey said there was no firm indication what happened to the teen.

The timeline of her disappearance begins at 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 9. Abby leaves Kennett High School, walks along Eagles Way and takes a short cut through a power line trail. Ramsey said the FBI confirmed two classmates who know Abby saw her going toward the power line trail.

From there, she was never seen again, but for a full 20 minutes she is using her cell phone to text a friend.

"Between 2:23 and 2:53 is where the last known text message she sends to that specific classmate is made," Ramsey said.

He said there was nothing unusual about the text messages and no other students had any communication with her.

"Fairly innocuous, nothing that's caused us concern," said Ramsey. "That individual has been very cooperative with us in the investigation." (HOTD: I think these are texts to the bf?)

After the texting stops, Abby's cell phone continues pinging a cell phone tower on Cranmore Mountain until 3:07 p.m.

"What causes a phone to no longer ping?" asks Ward.

"It could be turned off, it could be put in water or it could be destroyed," said Ramsey.

Authorities don't believe Abby ever made it home.

"This is a 14-, now 15-year-old girl that had a lively social media presence, that was very actively engaged in talking to her mom, classmates , and her friends and everything stops at 3:07 that afternoon," said Ramsey. To think she willingly left, on her own, and has stayed dark since then is an extensive commitment on the part of a 15-year-old girl."

"Is there any conclusion that we can reach that Abby is still alive at this point?" asks Ward.

"That's really hard to say. That's our greatest hope: that she is OK, that we can reunite her with her family," said Ramsey.

Meanwhile, a $20,000 reward has been offered in the case. Anyone with information that could help the FBI should dial 1-800-CALL-FBI.

Read more:

There's supposed to be a press conference later this morning.

Here's the latest:

The FBI, New Hampshire Attorney General's Office and the Conway Police Department say Abigail Hernandez, the 15-year-old missing girl missing since October 9, sent a letter to her mother.

New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Jane Young says the letter was dated October 22, postmarked October 23, and received by Abigail Hernandez's mother on November 6.

Young would not say where the letter was postmarked, and she would not confirm the length or content of the letter. She did say investigators authenticated the letter and that "the tone was one Abby would have used." Young says the letter is considered a critical lead in the case.

Other than the letter, no one has heard from the teen.
Very Interesting, HotD. Its sounding like she could possible be being held captive or she willingly left. Im interested in hearing the content of the letter.

Police believe missing New Hampshire teenager Abigail Hernandez is alive and in danger.

Officials say that North Conway teen Abigail Hernandez, 15, contacted her mother after she disappeared back in October. The new developments will be announced at an 11 a.m. press conference on Friday.

“There is additional information in the investigation that we want to pass on to the public,” Senior Assistant Attorney General Jane E. Young said Thursday, according to the Union Leader.

“We have developed more information that is more substantive, and we will be laying it out at the press conference. The fact remains that we are very concerned about her. She’s a missing person and we are concerned for her safety,” said Ramsey.
(12-06-2013, 01:25 PM)JsMom Wrote: Very Interesting, HotD. Its sounding like she could possible be being held captive or she willingly left. Im interested in hearing the content of the letter.

Press conference should be starting soon.

I'm interested in that letter, too.

I think LE will release some contents of the letter to the public today; they need the public's help to find Abby. They've had the letter for a month now and still haven't located her.

P.s. wonder if she met up with that Facebook dude referenced right after she disappeared and things went south?
I sure hope they can get to her before something horrible happens. That letter had to be torture for that mother to read.
(12-06-2013, 01:30 PM)HairOfTheDog Wrote:
(12-06-2013, 01:25 PM)JsMom Wrote: Very Interesting, HotD. Its sounding like she could possible be being held captive or she willingly left. Im interested in hearing the content of the letter.

Press conference should be starting soon.

I'm interested in that letter, too.

P.s. wonder if she met up with that Facebook dude referenced right after she disappeared and things went south?

She very well could have met up with some sick pedo bastard. Sounds likely. Definitely interested in the press conference.
(12-06-2013, 01:38 PM)JsMom Wrote: She very well could have met up with some sick pedo bastard. Sounds likely. Definitely interested in the press conference.

Yep, looks like that's exactly what authorities are worried about at this point.

The press conference is over now; this is a report from the Boston Globe.

Disappointing - I'd hoped there would be more new information shared with the public. Not much detail though.


While they released few details about the letter, the officials urged the public to be vigilant for new faces in the community. “Look at your neighbor. Look at the grocery store. Look at your church. Is there someone ... you haven’t seen before?” said Associate New Hampshire Attorney General Jane Young.

“We are concerned for her safety. She is not out there alone,” Young said

Hernandez went missing Oct. 9 after leaving Kennett High School in Conway. The letter was dated Oct. 22 and postmarked Oct. 23. The mother, Zenya Hernandez, did not receive it until until Nov. 6, and it was turned over the same day to authorities, Young said. Young had no explanation for why it took so long for the letter to arrive.

Asked if the case was now considered a runaway case, Young said, “We are still classifying this as a missing persons case. We have grave concerns for Abby’s safety.”

Kieran Ramsey, the assistant special agent in charge of the FBI’s New Hampshire office, who appeared with Young at a news conference, said receiving the letter was “unprecedented” among recent cases.

“Our worst fear right now is that though she could have left willingly, someone may now be coercing her ... manipulating her,” he said.

He said Hernandez could be a potential target for sexual exploitation. She’s a “15-year-old endangered juvenile female that has no independent financial means, so she’s certainly at risk,” he said.

Conway Police Chief Ed Wagner said, “It certainly is our hope that Abby will be coming home soon.”

He appealed to people to report “somebody new in their community that moved into a home recently that has a young lady living in their house.”

Both Wagner and Young said officials had recently received some new information that they were surprised they hadn’t received before. They did not say what that information was.


That last part in bold is interesting, right? Wonder who's been holding back information.
Hummmm. I wonder the same thing, myself.
I am thinking she is the daughter from Hell, for whatever reason.
(12-06-2013, 02:03 PM)JsMom Wrote: Hummmm. I wonder the same thing, myself.

Her friend Jade on fb. I'M convinced that Abby made contact with Jade the day after Thanksgiving under the profile of Mavis Danger.
What's your take at this point, Adub?

Do you think Abby's being held captive or just ran off with some help and doesn't wanna return?

I'm really wondering if this isn't just a runaway situation that's gotten more exposure than most.

Odd that FBI and other LE haven't been able to locate her if they've got a postmarked letter though.

Dying to know what was written in that damn "Dear Mom" letter...
I have no idea. never thought of her as a runaway until today. she sure is putting her mom thru hell. I bet the letter was full of meaness toward mom.
I think she ran away with the wrong person and they got scared and whacked her. Her body will probably be found in another state. Kids that age love to play the victim in things like this but it has been a very long time, they usually say or do something by now. If I had to guess I would say she is in the woods near a rest stop. But winter is coming and time is short.
You couldn't get a clue during the clue mating season in a field full of horny clues if you smeared your body with clue musk and did the clue mating dance.
I think and hope that she's alive.

The letter probably contained information that only Abby would know, along with time-specific context. Plus, the two weeks to authenticate it may have involved a handwriting and finger-printing analysis. Seems LE was very cautious in making sure the letter wasn't a hoax.

Why abduct her and then allow her the freedom to mail a letter two weeks later, only to kill her thereafter?

Of course, it could have been a letter that she was forced to write asking her mom to stop looking for her or something like that. Still, why? Too risky and only gives LE more clues with which to work.

Either she was abducted and is being held captive by some psycho who wants to fuck with her family and LE, or she's a runaway and someone with means is helping her to stay hidden. That's what I think based on what we now know, anyway.
This is a photo from the press conference about the letter.

[Image: 1207-missing-girl.jpg_full_380.jpg]

Jane Young is the DA who's speaking.

Abby's mom Zenya and Abby's sister Sarah are next to her.

To me, Zenya looks exhausted, and pissed, and torn apart.

Sarah looks like she's holding up better. Sarah seemed a bit aloof about the whole thing in the very first press conference, JMO. It made me wonder if Abby had ever run away or threatened to do so in the past.

Only LE spoke at the conference this time - no family members.

Puzzled about what's going on behind the scenes on this one.
I found this interview with Zenya on 11 Dec.

Video here

Zenya seems a bit scattered and lost during the interview, like a woman about to have a nervous breakdown. At 7:21 Maria asks about Abby's father, Zenya replies "He misses her, I'm sure he does." It sounds like Abby's mother and father are not communicating directly with each other.

I hope Abby is found, the sooner the better.
A couple of days ago,

The mother of missing New Hampshire teenager Abigail Hernandez, encouraged by "promising developments," has written an open letter to her daughter pleading with her to "come home for Christmas."

Zenya Hernandez told ABC News she is now positive that her daughter is still alive.

"If Abby comes back, she won't be the 'missing girl.' We can get our lives back to normal,'' her mother told ABC News today. "I would meet her anywhere she needs me to. She needs to know she is not in trouble with anyone. I just love her and want her home safe."

The FBI urged Zenya Hernandez not to reveal details about what she called the "promising developments."

If Abigail left by choice and isn't being held against her will (that's my opinion of where things stand), she will definitely face some scrutiny if she returns home. There will probably be some pissed off people who donated their time to search efforts and such. Natural.

But, in the end, I think everyone will just be glad that she's alive and it'll all blow over.

Anyway, hoping that Mrs. Hernandez gets her Christmas wish.