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Celina Cass, 11. N.H. deceased
Stepdad. Just a feeling. And it smacks of another case with a step parent.
NH state police major crime scene van is headed to house. that is not unusual.
WMUR's Mike Garrity reports that NH State Police were recently going door-to-door checking rooms at a motel on the outskirts of West Stewartstown. They were also searching behind the motel. Near the family's home, in addition to a red truck that has police tape around it, a green Dodge Stratus is also surrounded by police tape.

[Image: celina_cass_06_540x405.jpg]

This is such a sad story, so many factors are not in this poor girls favor. The "step fathers" relatives are child predators that are NON COMPLIANT. BIG Red flag. Lord the step father just gives me an uneasy feeling as well as his freaky relatives.Signs_173

SO Sad, this is NOT going to end well. I have this gut feeling that the step father / relatives did something to her. Without the mother knowing about it. With this girl being so shy she wouldn’t tell a soul if she was being touched or abused. Sign_pervert

The hurting of children will never make sense to me. My daughter might hate me now for being over protective, but I know she will thank me later.
I wonder what stories the stepsister has to tell?
5:30 PM presser. no new information.
school nurse spoke.
AG spoke.
so did FBI.


oh fuck. but no surprise.
i am so sick of mothers who let dangerous assholes into their childrens' lives and homes.


Court Docs Reveal Past of Celina Cass' Stepfather

Noyes, 47, was involuntarily committed to a hospital in 2003 because of his schizophrenia and arrested for threatening an ex-girlfriend, according to court documents.

Noyes was charged with violating a protective order held by his ex-girlfriend and for criminal trespassinig, criminal threatening and hindering apprehension.

The girlfriend, who lived with her two kids at the time, said that Noyes broke into her home while she was sleeping, lifted her mattress and slammed it down and then threatened to throw her down the stairs.

While awaiting trial, a judge ruled Noyes incompetent to stand trial and ordered him to be involuntarily placed in a hospital. Judge Richard Hampe wrote that Noyes' mental illness creates "a potentially serious likelihood of danger to himself and others."

A forensic examiner deemed Noyes a paranoid schizophrenic who likely developed his mental illness while in the Air Force, according to court documents.

Attempts to reach Noyes and his wife have been unsuccessful.

yes, i bet they have.

Is it common practice, in NH, to have an AG (homicide) prosecutor run an investigation regarding a missing person?

(07-28-2011, 06:41 PM)BlueTiki Wrote: Is it common practice, in NH, to have an AG (homicide) prosecutor run an investigation regarding a missing person?

i am familiar with her from other cases. she would not be showing up unless it was deemed a likely homicide, nomatter what she coyly says in public.

i am tracking live on WMUR, i have posted twice, but evidently they don't want any REAL news, just soft stuff. hah i feel so rejected.

The family home is currently surrounded by yellow crime-scene tape, and the family members of missing Celina Cass are not currently living in the residence. hmmm

this appeared on a page in a blog called The Imperfect Parent:

But the public isn’t buying it. Unconfirmed reports from Mock Forums also reveal that Noyes’ may have several convicted sex offenders in his immediate family. Whatever the reason, the police and FBI are keeping most of the details of this case close to the vest and if they have any suspicions about a possible suspect, they aren’t saying.

[Image: AR-707299966.jpg&q=100&maxw=350]

nothing new out there today except continued searching.

a presser due at 5:30. this child is gone

another useless candle vigil tonight as well.

i can only hope that her stepdad was a concern for her and she ran away. but that is a mere hope. by all reports she is an extremely shy and timid girl, i don't know whether she had the resources to run away.

where was mom?

when was she REALLY last seen?

evidently she slept with her older sister in basement area and was afraid to sleep alone. older sis was gone overnight the night Celina allegedly vanished.

to the dumb skank that emailed us about noyes' came directly from ABC news. go whine to them.
and it said his relatives were non-compliant pedos dumbass.
he's only a violent schizophrenic. good husband/stepfather material.

5:45 presser. nothing of substance to report. they are going door-to-door and have dogs searching bodies of water.

friend of family speaks, remain hopeful etc. etc. plea for answers. appreciates everyone helping.

FBI guy says they have hundreds of tips. and in close contact with RCMP.

"don't read anything into crime scene tape around house". uh huh.

"parents should remain vigilant".

Aww, you have all the fun with dumb skanks. I'm jealous.

And that info re: SFO status and non compliance is also public record. (that was for the dumb skank)
(07-29-2011, 05:55 PM)Fibonacci Prima Wrote: Aww, you have all the fun with dumb skanks. I'm jealous.

i attract themSmiley_emoticons_biggrin they don't like the truth. i don't post anything that isn't public information or confirmed. except my opinions which are protected speech.
maybe it's one of his facebook ho "friends". hah

and he's also a model citizen since he'll be off probation soon. isn't that touching? it sure makes me a lot less concerned about his sterling history. you know, involuntary commitment to the looney bin since the court deemed him incompetent to stand trial.
i have no reason to look at him sideways.
some mothers have great taste in the guys they allow around their young daughters.
whether he has anything to do with this or not, he's a real prize.

noyes' history discussed here on NightLine:

Thank you for the links Lady Cop.

I will put money on the step dad, and I believe the mother knows more than she is saying. Neither of the parents living in the home have given a statement or plead for Celina's abductor to return her to them. Even at the prayer vigil they "said nothing". These are the actions of people with something to hide.

There is also the quote "the family wants absolute privacy". Wow, really? I can see them declining to comment on the involuntary commitment, but people who are concerned with their daughters whereabouts are shouting from the rooftops trying to get their kid back, not wanting "absolute privacy".

In one article it stated that the mother had gone to bed and the step dad was the last one to see Celina at the computer-now they are saying "her parents" last saw her at the computer.

This one just stinks to high heaven.
Afraid to be alone. Sleeps with her sister in the basement. Sister NOT home that evening. Last seen by "dad" at the computer in the bedroom.

To me, this doesn't track at all.

i'm just waiting for the lawyered up announcement. which is their absolute right of course.

I'd like to know . . .

When was the last time someone, OTHER THAN A FAMILY MEMBER, saw Celina?

i don't think that has been answered Tiki.
further, it was a neighbor who called 911 and reported her missing. not the family.

Fox..."Debbie Whelan, who dialed 911 after Celina's older sister Kayla went to her house looking for the missing girl Tuesday morning"...

Okey Dokey, I was willing to give the mother the benefit of the doubt, but no more. She is involved either before or after the fact. Your daughter is missing but you don't call 911? Your neighbor makes the call?