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I've seen that knife before.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
(Yesterday, 01:16 PM)BigMark Wrote: That's a K-Bar knife like the marines used to use.

You’re right, Mark. They have called it KBar.

Googling it - seems like still used by some special forces 

Wonder if it’s still being issued why they are acting as if the one used had to be purchased recently ( asking local stores to check if any sold) vs some military person’s issue 

How could they tell it’s new? Or are they just covering their bases by asking for recent knife sales
(Yesterday, 12:14 PM)GirlBoss Wrote: Back to Idaho…

The FBI, police, and Prosecutor were photographed going to the command center to work on the investigation on Thanksgiving.

In the last press conference a reporter asked if they were looking into other stabbing in the vicinity to see if they could be related since still unsolved:

A 71-year-old woman stabbed to death in her home in June 2020.
A 26-year-old couple attacked with a knife in their home around 3 am in Aug 2021 - the man was killed but his wife survived.

Here’s a link with more details

Is it possible it’s not personal but a serial killer?
Just noticed creepy coincidence - all 3 of these different murders occurred on the 13th of the month.        (Most likely all - the older woman was found on 14th but killing likely the 13th)
Oooohhhhhh that IS a creepy coincidence.

What if it's not a coincidence.
[Image: Zy3rKpW.png]
supposedly this rich kid was mad at his parents then started checking for unlocked doors...
(Yesterday, 07:16 PM)BigMark Wrote: supposedly this rich kid was mad at his parents then started checking for unlocked doors...

That’s wild! 
Similarities for sure: multiple people stabbed at 3am, others in house unharmed

 Double homicide, 3rd injured but survived 

Interesting it was a stranger. 
Cannot believe it was a skinny teenager who was mad about something completely unrelated. 
So random. 
Also noticed it took 5 weeks to solve - but they released security cam video asking for help id’ing suspect.

Locking my doors right now.
Idaho has released zero clue about suspect.
I missed earlier that the weapon was a knife.
*&$^#^[email protected]$%^&&

MPD has been quiet the past few days.

There is a neighbor “Jeremy” who lives in apartment right next door.
He has done at least 3 interviews about the murders - largely saying he walks his dog and sees a lot of parties/people in the windows at night, but didn’t know the people who live there.

Something off about him but to be fair there could be other reasons for that besides being the POI. He’s a 30 year old law student, who also claims to be a hunter. He says he will start carrying a weapon again until police get suspect.
I also haven’t seen injuries on him which you’d expect.

The interviews - Just odd. But I did see his brother works for Fox which may explain why he did the interview vs trying to make himself part of the story.

Following the precedent the MPD has done since the murder - announcing people as cleared with suspicions from social media - I would expect them to clear Jeremy in the next press conference - if they can.
A new press release

-no evidence the 20202021 stabbing are related
-no arrests and have not located murder weapon
-no evidence that incident where neighbors dog found skinned is related
-community members have submitted about 260 digital media files to FBI/MPD

Also worth noting from my post earlier today - they did not mention the neighbor at ( he wasn’t added to the cleared list).